Breakfast Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Breakfast Doesn’t Have to Be Boring


I did a thing this morning! As most of you, I scan Pinterest and Instagram for daily inspiration. I’ve seen pictures of smoothie bowls and they are beautiful! Some of them actually look too pretty to eat. But, this morning I decided that I needed a little change from my normal protein shake. Yes, I try to change those up everyday. I switch between the chocolate and vanilla pretty consistently and, thank you Arbonne, we even have a Cake Mix flavor now. But, sometimes you just want a change!

So this morning after getting home from the gym I was feeling a little more than ravenous and decided I wanted to actually chew my breakfast. So the idea of the smoothie bowl popped into my head. It was actually quite easy since I had quite a few toppings. As I mentioned, not the prettiest one you would find, but really good!

I made the base the same as I would make a protein shake (minus the ice). I put the frozen strawberries into the blender cup and added some Almond Milk and the Arbonne Vanilla Protein. I love using Arbonne protein because it is pea protein and oh so good for you compared to whey protein. It is also soy free, dairy free, gluten free, nut free and tastes great! I also added one scoop of gluten-free oatmeal to thicken the smoothie and give it some oomph. I was really hungry when I got home!

After blending, I poured the smoothie into the bowl and added the toppings. I tried to be careful when pouring them on top because I wanted to try to make it pretty like the Instagram posts! I added chopped almonds, chia seeds, shredded unsweetened coconut, frozen blueberries and cacao nibs. I had to take a picture when it was complete, I felt it was Instagram worthy!

I have to say, it was a nice change from blending everything together and drinking down a shake. Something about the crunch of the almonds mixed with the sweetness of the frozen blueberries. I think I will try to become more creative when thinking about toppings and looking for stuff when I’m at the grocery store. Do you have any suggestions that I might try?
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